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边境上大学 began the 2022-23 school year with in-person classes and full extracurricular and athletic programming. 此时此刻, masks may be worn at the discretion of individuals but are not required unless requested by the Health Centre or if a student displays symptoms or following a positive test result. Social distancing is not mandatory inside and out of the classrooms, residences, etc.

We are pleased to welcome visitors and parents to our campus. However, if you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, we ask you to delay your visit. 

我们的目标, 一如既往地, is to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and school community, and we will continue to exercise vigilance and follow government guidelines as they evolve. 




  • 测试和检疫


    如果学生出现COVID-19症状, 他们必须向健康中心报告进行评估.

    If the student tests positive, they will return home if able to do so. 如果不能回家(e).g. international student), they will isolate on Colby 3rd floor. Return to campus/residence will take place after 2 to 5 days or when symptoms have sufficiently subsided.

    隔离的学生将在线上课. Note all other students are expected to attend classes in person. 阅读更多关于课堂期望的内容 在这里

    请注意,在返回校园/住所后, students who tested positive must wear a mask for 10 days starting from the onset of symptoms. 

    Students who have symptoms but test negative may resume regular activities. Symptomatic individuals will be asked to wear a mask until their symptoms subside.